Project Recess provides educational technology consulting. These services include, but are not limited to, training and implementation in Google's G Suite for Education, website design and maintenance, curriculum support and development in aligning technology to the Common Core State Standards, SMART Board training, digital portfolios for authentic assessment and multimedia projects that include photography, film, audio, video and animation.



Santi Khairassame has a very long Thai last name which is pronounced care-ah-sah-me. His talents are found at the intersection of education, technology and digital media. He is the founder of Project Recess, an ed tech consultancy that helps New York City educators deepen student engagement and learning through best practices in using Google's G Suite for Education and other digital resources. Santi was also a founding member of OpenSchool ePortfolio (now named Troove), a web and tablet app designed to create student digital portfolios for authentic assessment and project-based learning.

Santi holds a Master’s degree in Educational Communication and Technology from New York University and a BFA in Film, Video & Digital Media from The University of Illinois at Chicago. He was born and raised in the Windy City and now resides in NYC. For the record, NY pizza is better but the Chicago-style hot dog is king.